Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wake Up and Do the Robot.

An alarm clock - but not just any alarm clock! This is a tank robot alarm clock, which I find really cool because.... well, I've never seen anything like this before, lol. I really like how the arms and legs were built. I really like the one in red; it reminds me of an actual alarm clock. Although, if I were to get one right now.... I'd probably choose the one in black. Hmm, idk, it's just more of my style, I guess. I like the color black, so if I had one in black it'd feel more like mine (lol). But I recommend everyone to get whichever color they prefer, of course, lol, black is just the one I'd like.... well, I like both of them, really. So yeah, lol, I'm going to stop talking now (finally) - enjoy!

"He has movable arms that you can position any way you'd like and he loves sitting on your desk or shelf and help you keep track of the time." Available at for $44.99

Also available in key chain style for $19.99. Haha, I love these little key chains - so cute. Their like the new hip watches or something.... never mind, lol.

-Lola :)

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