Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chop Through an Entire Forest of Cakes

I really like the fact that this kitchen knife looks incredibly like an axe!!! Um, well, sort of like one, at least, hehe.... It's interesting, yes, but (as you guys probably already know) not all interesting things go on this blog.

The main reason for it being post-able on this blog is because it reminds me (and my sister) an awful lot of the axes that lumberjacks use to saw through wood.

Lumberjacks (of course) are curious beings, right? So, yeah, there you have it - something on lumberjacks.

This is the blog's very first post involving lumberjacks, but there should totally be more to come.... so don't you lumberjack aficionados worry, lol.

Snatch your own from and chop through a forest of cakes!

-Lola :)

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