Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ghost Hunters International - On Syfy

Ghost Hunters International which is airing on Syfi is exactly what it sounds like. It an original series and a spin off (of Ghost Hunters) which appears to be raking in quite a few new viewers to the channel. I don't take a huge interest in the subject of ghost hunting, as I feel the hunters never find what their looking for. We the viewers never see the ghost, you just get "signals." But I may tune in anyway. I'm intriged by their idea to take it International. The places they go all scream "this place is totally hunted." And the hotels/prisons/castles/homes/etc. all have "stories," too.

Also notable: the Official site is big fun.

It's even got an online store with stuff like this:

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit - $99.75 - It seems pretty Official (you know, for a ghost hunting kit)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Now Betsey Johnson's Into the Skull Thing, Too....

My very favorite clothing designer ever has been adding a whole lot of skulls to her line lately. But none of them really, really, really caught my attention until I saw these dresses:

Allover Skull Print Dress

One Big Ole Skull Dress

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lookin' Like a Lumberjack!

Oh, I simply adore red buffalo plaid, lol - don't you guys? I mean, there's just something about it that looks so fashionable to me. <3 As you guys probably already know, what makes red buffalo plaid so curious is that it's actually quite lumberjack-ish - and as we all know, lumberjacks are definitely curious beings.... and so, here's some buffalo plaid that I scooped up from - enjoy!

Now is this curious or what? I love red buffalo plaid, and really, this is such a cool little cap. *sighs* I so want that cap!

Available for $14.95 at!

Photo Courtesy of

If you guys didn't notice, I tried to add quite a variety of clothing into this post: jacket, scarf, purse, and lots of hats! <3 I hope you guys enjoyed this post - I kind of rushed making this one (lol), but I enjoyed searching for buffalo plaid because I really do like it a whole lot.... so yeah, lol.

-Lola :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plant vs. Zombies - And It's So Adorable!

In the game "Plants vs Zombies" plants protect your home from zombies. It has a very perky (but not too cutesy) look to it and it has lots of levels and mini games, too.

The object of the game is to protect your home (far left side of the screen) from the zombies (far right side, but coming in quickly). You collect the falling suns for points and you use your points to get plans. The plants that "shoot" at the zombies, sunflowers - they help all of your plants grow faster, and various other creative plant creatures.

Playing the game:
When I first played the game I made the mistake of planting more sunflowers than the shooting ones, which the zombies can simply roll all up on and "fist" to there destruction (assisted by a lovely little squeaky noise).  Also, don't rush to use your cherry bomb - try to use it when your desperate, like when a zombies closing in on your front porch and your lawn mover (the final protection your house has from an approaching zombie) has already been used.

I love the variety of plats, the mini games and the variety of zombies - never a dull moment when there are zombies on your lawn. Especially the ones of the gracefully athletic pole vaulting variety.

Another thing I was slow to recognize - when the sunflowers light up, they "birth" suns (points!).

You can grab a free-trial (60 minutes) on yahoo games, which is where you can buy it for just $6.95(!)

I really want to rave and rave and rave about this game. It has quite a little legion of fans.  I think it should be even mightier. I love this game. :)

I really recommend you do. Seriously.

If your not sold yet - watch the music video, so catchy:

Set a Gnome On Fire!

Alright, you guys, so this blog hasn't had anything on gnomes in a while, so.... I think it's time for some more stuff on gnomes, alright? Alright! <3 Okay, so here's something that I thought was rather interesting and certainly curious - enjoy.

They're nicely colored candles in the shape of little gnomes - which I found quite neat, you know, because.... well, gnomes rock, and candles can be very useful at times, so really, this is an excellent combination right here. *sighs* Oh yeah, lol.

They're available in green, blue, purple, and orange at for only $1.75 - each gnome sold separately, btw.

-Lola :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fangs.... Near.... My Neck!!!

This blog needs some vampire-ing up. I found these.

NK49 Rock Rebel Metal Fangs Pendant Necklace
Metal Fangs Pendant Necklace - $19.99

Fangs Necklace (gold) - by Bank Clothing - available at - $15.00

It's not a necklace, but I thought I'd throw this t-shirt in as a bonus, also from - $22.95

Dance Little Unicorn, Dance!

*sighs* I've been having such a hard time trying to find curious things on unicorns, lol. A lot of the unicorn products I've ran into online are, like.... cutesy things, you know? Kid clothing, toys - such as stuffed animals and dolls. But today, no, no, no, today I was actually able to find something on unicorns that I felt was.... unique, interesting, and very curious.

Ta-da! <3 Haha, isn't this one of the nicest music boxes you've ever seen? I especially love the forest-y scene in the background; it brings a less cutesy look and a more realistic look to the music box.... Well, at least in my opinion it does, hehe.

Photo Courtesy of

Music box includes: bracelets, earrings, charms and even more! Has four different drawers - front, back, and one on each side. It also comes with in inside mirror. What a special fantastic music box!

WARNING: pointed out that there are small parts - which are not suitable for children under 3 years, so I thought it was necessary for me to point it out (to you guys), as well. ;3

-Lola :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cardboard Robot (Warning: missleading post title)

This is a bit of, as it doesn't contain any actual "robots."

There's a brand of clothing that I really like a lot tittle "Cardboard Robot." I don't know why it's called that, it doesn't really make scene. Probably only because it sounds cool. I think that's swell.

My fave peices include....


This(I <3 this dress with all my <3)....

This(Booming Bot)....

Photo Courtesy of

I found these neat little find by way of!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What's Shaking?

Salt and Pepper shakers are basic kitchen accessories. They've been made into many shapes and sizes. Common ones being cutesy things, such as animals and foods.

Now, I have something to share with all of you; I think this is quite curious. Hmm, think you can guess what it is? Okay, fine, I'll just tell you - no, wait! I'll show you, right now. Please, stroll down a bit to take a look for yourselves.

Brain shakers.

Bone shakers.

Mushrooms (gnomes) shakers.

Hugging (Ghostly) shakers
+ a YouTube video! <3

All of those things were found at!

-Lola :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now, Teddy Bear - I Told You Not To Stick Your Head In There!

One of my very favorites of the collection over on is this little teddy. It appears somebody just had to get a look at the computers innards, even after advised not to, advised twice...

Grab your own over at - $17.00 (not very spendy at all for 2GB worth of adorable)

I stumble over this by way of!

Ro-bo Accoutrements for Your Desk

Robots are organized, and extremely precise and not as prone to human-error as humans. So, naturally, it makes scene that every human on earth should have a few on hand to assist in their daily doings, right? This is the year Twenty-Ten, you can make it happen if you want to. Have a mini brigade of ro-bo's - here and now, you can get your collection started off right.

I always try to add everything with a calculator to avoid mistakes....

Robot Calculator - $19.00

I like my pencils robot-precision-pointy (it's also a wind-up toy and pencil shavings collected in its head!)....

Robot Sharpener - $9.00

1GB storage capacity flash drives (the eyes flash when info is being transmitted!) available in many bright and charming flavors (I've got my eye on the pink and blue ones)....

Robot Flash Drive -$26.75

All available from!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chocolate Brains.

Mmm, you guys, prepare to be amazed (or grossed out). <3

Ah, doesn't that look simple delicious? Teddie-Ann didn't seem to find them very edible, but I sure did, and so now I get to create this post about them! *dances*

I found a "how-to" on making brain cupcakes at!

There were some other really interesting photos of these scrumptious little things, so I thought I'd share those photos with you guys right here on the blog. Feel free to stroll down the page a bit, and take a quick glace for yourselves!

Get your brain molds, guys!

The brain molds are available for $2.29 at!

Seeing these colorful candies sure do make those cupcakes seem a bit less spooky, huh? *sighs* Oh yeah.

The Wilton White Candy Melts are available for $2.63 at!

Pink chocolate? How cute, lol. <3

Wow, I admire the fact that those chocolates look almost exactly like real brains. The person who made these did such a fantastic job! Those zombies would probably be so proud of these little cupcakes - they really replicate their favorites well.

-Lola :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

An Unidentified Surge-Protecting Object

In need of a surge protector? Need one in the shaped of a U.F.O.? Then keep reading because I've got something for you!

This 6-outlet surge protector has a 6'' power cord, room for your fingers between each of the plugs AND stellar reviews with a nice price. 

Available on!

Teddy Bear.... Oh, teddy bear.... Is your head under there?

Aww, isn't this such an adorable lamp? As I've already told you guys, I'm a teddy bear collector, and.... Well, this isn't exactly a complete teddy bear, but I'd love to have this in my bedroom! <3 I've never seen such a unique lamp before - so cute!

Some people think it's weird, but not me - I think it's simply wonderful. <3

Available for $160.000 at!

-Lola :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Under The Sea!

Okay, so I just found a ton of nice (and rather curious) jewelry at! <3 This is the very first time jewelry is being posted on this blog, so I thought I'd share a couple of things with you guys - free feel to take a look.

Affordable (for sterling silver), and yet - still cute. <3 I've found mermaids quite fascinating ever since I was a little girl. I can remember watching "The Little Mermaid" on Disney channel. *sighs* I always liked the fact that she was a mermaid.... yeah, lol.

Price $19.99, but sale price = $13.95!!! Sterling Silver Antiqued Mermaid Pendant Available at!

This makes me think of pirates - which is why it's on this blog. I like this necklace a whole lot; it's unique and just plain cool. It's not too expensive, either - after all, it's sterling silver! Ooh, and so is the little mermaid pendant. <3

Ahoy! Sterling Silver Anchor Pendant is Available for $32.00 - $35.00 at!

Ooh, and speaking of "The Little Mermaids - has a whole bunch of DVD's (and other products, as well) for those of you who are a fan. <3 Dolls, Jewelery.... You guys should really take a look!

-Lola :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ax Men - 3rd Season of the Series on The Histoy Channel

Lumberjack aficionados have something exciting to do next Sunday nights at 9. The History channel is airing the  3rd season opener of - "Ax Men." It's an "American documentary reality series that premierd on March 9, 2008"(via Wikipedia). It gives insight into logging history but mostly (I think?) I gives insight into the work of modern day loggers.

The show is a hit, lots of people love it. I does have some un-stellar reviews from some Oregon loggers whom claim the show is "more of a drama." I think that comes with the territory of almost all documentaries on any industry.

I for one can't wait to see it.

Watch Some Gnomes Take A Tumble!

Do you love gnomes? Do you love bowling? Well then, I've got something for you!

Have you ever seen a gnome sitting on a lawn and had a raging desire to knock it over? I personally have not! Actually, I personally have never seen a gnome sitting on a lawn in person before....

But now, I want to line them all up, and watch them all fall, all of them - every last one.... by playing "Gnome Bowling" - yeah!!!

Available for $28.99 at!

-Lola :)

Know For Sure If Ghost Are Hanging About (Maybe....)

If you've ever been in an old home or building (or maybe your own home) and pondered if there were ghost frolicing about, now, for only $10 you can get an answer (maybe...).

The Baketan, a ghost radar(which I discovered on the Gush Magazine website) is a ghost detector. A pint-sized one you can clip to your cell phone or keyring or your ghost bustin' jumpsuits belt loops(that would look so fly, and I am being completely straight-faced serious).

Allegedly, it was tested in a know-to-be-haunted place in Japan. The thing gave the expected and appropriate you-do-not-want-to-be-here signal, a red (blinking) and (slightly buzzing) siren sound.

It's only $10(in a rainbow of different colors), and if you need to know if you've got ghost, it's definitely better than nothing, right?

Here's a demonstration (the background music is pretty fly....)