Thursday, March 4, 2010

Be Still My Heart

Greetings to all. <3 I just found a couple of new things on vampires.... Oh yeah, lol. *smiles*

"Death Of A Vampire - Alchemy Gothic Pendant Necklace" is available for $52.48 at! I like how there's a little skull in the center, lol - I just think it really adds something to the necklace, you know? <3

"Love Rocks Peace, Love & Vampires T-shirt" is available for only $9.99 at! I thought this t-shirt would go nicely with the necklace I was just telling you guys about - which is why I decided to share this t-shirt with all of this blog's explorers! Plus, it's a pretty cool t-shirt, lol. <3

-Lola :)

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