Monday, March 15, 2010

Gnome, G-N-O-M-E!

Photo Courtesy of
"Gnome - A Scrabble Tile Pendant - Style O69"

*sighs* I just love this - especially for the price of only $6.95, lol. <3

Available at!

-Lola :)


  1. 58 followers ! you'll have to give me your secret. G'nome jewelry ... why not. Great group you started. That just might turn out to be a lot of fun. You should be able to meet a lot of teens. If you spot one at BlogCatalog that isn't a member, tell them about the group. I did that at Flickr with a group I have. It's gotten pretty big. ... HAVE FUN !

  2. No secrets, lol - I like following blogs, and sometimes people follow mine back. <3

    That's a good idea. It can be hard finding teenagers at that website tho', but hopefully I'll find some soon. :)

    Yeah, thanks, you have fun with your group, as well, lol - later! :D

  3. This is so cute!!!! What detail it has!