Sunday, March 7, 2010

Everyone Loves Pizza.... Even Aliens!

I think it's time for a new post on aliens - how about you guys? *smiles* I also feel like it just may be time to post something edible, as well, you know? Electronics and fashions are cool - but what about food, lol? I mean, it does keep us all alive, after all, so I decide to post something "edibles" - and I hope you guys like it. <3

<~~~ That's it! *dances* Haha, the "Sassafras Alien Pizza Mini Kit" is available for only $14.95 at! It includes: pizza crust (that turns green!) and (purple) pizzas sauce - wow, lol. <3 It sounds pretty cute to me!

-Lola :)


  1. That was quick ... huh ? I clicked on your blog in my blog roll and here I am. You were just there.

  2. Haha, that was quick! xD I try to update my blog once a day - only once day; that's hard enough for me, lol. ":P I recently left a comment on your blog, btw - nice blog, indeed.

  3. Did that say green and purple pizza ? Alien Pizza ... why not ? I'll stick my logo in followers. Don't get a big head though ... I'll be there twice. You'll have to read this after school. More pens for me in the shop today .. Ta, Ta

  4. Ooh, cool, more pens - I'll have to check that out later today. :D Take care! :)