Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ye Shall Steadfastly Guard Thy Fireplace! - The Black Knight Fireplace Tool Ensemble

All of the fireplace tool ensembles I've come across before this one all looked pretty much the same. It a necessary tool and I guess the shape hasn't inspired much creative. I think this is ridiculously creative.

This hefty puppy weighs in at over 15 pounds of solid foundry iron, just like the original French antique it has the honor of being modeled after.

Beautiful and functional. All you could imagine from a knight in shining armor.

It includes a poker, broom and shovel for thee fireplace and it is priced (currently on sale) at $98.95 from Design Toscano
(NOTE: Reviews claimed some small differences in design from the picture - they are worth a quick reading if interested in purchasing)

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