Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plant vs. Zombies - And It's So Adorable!

In the game "Plants vs Zombies" plants protect your home from zombies. It has a very perky (but not too cutesy) look to it and it has lots of levels and mini games, too.

The object of the game is to protect your home (far left side of the screen) from the zombies (far right side, but coming in quickly). You collect the falling suns for points and you use your points to get plans. The plants that "shoot" at the zombies, sunflowers - they help all of your plants grow faster, and various other creative plant creatures.

Playing the game:
When I first played the game I made the mistake of planting more sunflowers than the shooting ones, which the zombies can simply roll all up on and "fist" to there destruction (assisted by a lovely little squeaky noise).  Also, don't rush to use your cherry bomb - try to use it when your desperate, like when a zombies closing in on your front porch and your lawn mover (the final protection your house has from an approaching zombie) has already been used.

I love the variety of plats, the mini games and the variety of zombies - never a dull moment when there are zombies on your lawn. Especially the ones of the gracefully athletic pole vaulting variety.

Another thing I was slow to recognize - when the sunflowers light up, they "birth" suns (points!).

You can grab a free-trial (60 minutes) on yahoo games, which is where you can buy it for just $6.95(!)

I really want to rave and rave and rave about this game. It has quite a little legion of fans.  I think it should be even mightier. I love this game. :)

I really recommend you do. Seriously.

If your not sold yet - watch the music video, so catchy:

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  1. Oh my goodness, I adore this game. I stumbled upon it by accident not knowing how big of a following it has. I love games such as these but the cutesy aspect to it and the humour of the zombies are fantastic. My bf scored a free copy from a fellow fan he met on a bus. I'm excited for him to bring it to me so I can play the game to its full potential!