Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Know For Sure If Ghost Are Hanging About (Maybe....)

If you've ever been in an old home or building (or maybe your own home) and pondered if there were ghost frolicing about, now, for only $10 you can get an answer (maybe...).

The Baketan, a ghost radar(which I discovered on the Gush Magazine website) is a ghost detector. A pint-sized one you can clip to your cell phone or keyring or your ghost bustin' jumpsuits belt loops(that would look so fly, and I am being completely straight-faced serious).

Allegedly, it was tested in a know-to-be-haunted place in Japan. The thing gave the expected and appropriate you-do-not-want-to-be-here signal, a red (blinking) and (slightly buzzing) siren sound.

It's only $10(in a rainbow of different colors), and if you need to know if you've got ghost, it's definitely better than nothing, right?

Here's a demonstration (the background music is pretty fly....)

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