Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chocolate Brains.

Mmm, you guys, prepare to be amazed (or grossed out). <3

Ah, doesn't that look simple delicious? Teddie-Ann didn't seem to find them very edible, but I sure did, and so now I get to create this post about them! *dances*

I found a "how-to" on making brain cupcakes at!

There were some other really interesting photos of these scrumptious little things, so I thought I'd share those photos with you guys right here on the blog. Feel free to stroll down the page a bit, and take a quick glace for yourselves!

Get your brain molds, guys!

The brain molds are available for $2.29 at!

Seeing these colorful candies sure do make those cupcakes seem a bit less spooky, huh? *sighs* Oh yeah.

The Wilton White Candy Melts are available for $2.63 at!

Pink chocolate? How cute, lol. <3

Wow, I admire the fact that those chocolates look almost exactly like real brains. The person who made these did such a fantastic job! Those zombies would probably be so proud of these little cupcakes - they really replicate their favorites well.

-Lola :)

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