Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ghost Hunters International - On Syfy

Ghost Hunters International which is airing on Syfi is exactly what it sounds like. It an original series and a spin off (of Ghost Hunters) which appears to be raking in quite a few new viewers to the channel. I don't take a huge interest in the subject of ghost hunting, as I feel the hunters never find what their looking for. We the viewers never see the ghost, you just get "signals." But I may tune in anyway. I'm intriged by their idea to take it International. The places they go all scream "this place is totally hunted." And the hotels/prisons/castles/homes/etc. all have "stories," too.

Also notable: the Official site is big fun.

It's even got an online store with stuff like this:

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit - $99.75 - It seems pretty Official (you know, for a ghost hunting kit)

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