Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ro-bo Accoutrements for Your Desk

Robots are organized, and extremely precise and not as prone to human-error as humans. So, naturally, it makes scene that every human on earth should have a few on hand to assist in their daily doings, right? This is the year Twenty-Ten, you can make it happen if you want to. Have a mini brigade of ro-bo's - here and now, you can get your collection started off right.

I always try to add everything with a calculator to avoid mistakes....

Robot Calculator - $19.00

I like my pencils robot-precision-pointy (it's also a wind-up toy and pencil shavings collected in its head!)....

Robot Sharpener - $9.00

1GB storage capacity flash drives (the eyes flash when info is being transmitted!) available in many bright and charming flavors (I've got my eye on the pink and blue ones)....

Robot Flash Drive -$26.75

All available from!


  1. TA, These robots look really wonderful. Thanks for sharing. In particular, I like calcultor robot.

    But, Infact, I need one to assist me writing a thoughtful comments in better english.
    Have you discovered any? (kidding)

    btw, thank you so much for introducing these wonderful items.

    Best Wishes!

  2. Of course - tho' I didn't post this, Ted did, I'm still pleased to hear that you enjoyed something off of our blog.

    Thank you. :)