Saturday, January 2, 2010

I want my smoothie done in a jiffy!

Okay, so I found this "Ninja Quad Blade" at yesterday, and decided that it was just too nice not to blog about, so here it is. Available for $75.95 at!

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A ninja quad blade - how cool is that? Mmm, it probably makes smoothies "ninja quick", lol. Oh, and before I forget, you guys might want to stroll down to the customer review comments before actually purchasing this product; a couple of people seemed to have some slight issues with it - including the fact that the blades are extremely sharp. Anyway, lol, I think it seems like a wonderful product to have! I really like the color of it; it's blue (my favorite color). Although, I do agree with my sister -
black may have fit it better; blue's not really a ninja color.... I still love the color blue though!!!

-Lola :)

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