Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Because Sharing Shows Caring.

Over on one of the best-ie-est stores ever, ThinkGeek, there is a robot that cares deeply about the way you listen to your tunes. Not so much what you listen to but the way you do. Splitterbot wants to help you spread the love.

It enables you to use two pair of headphones connected to one device. So you can share what's on you MP3 or and audio device.

From the product description:

Product Features
  • Mini Robot hangs from your keychain and allows you to share music from one audio device with two people
  • Pop off his head for audio sharing goodness
  • Works with any standard headphones and portable music player
  • Headphones not included
  • No batteries required

I'm going to admit, I can't say there have been tons of times when I've been listening to my headphones and I thought to myself "Aw, I wish so-and-so could listen to this with me, ugh! Solo audio experiences make me so mad." (and if I really, really meant it we'd both uncomfortably share the headphones).

BUT there have been a couple of times I've thought that. I honestly think that if I actually had my own Splitterbot, in my possession, I'm confident it would inspire me to recognize many more opportunities and occasions for sharing the noise.


  1. Clever idea!
    Agree - I don't normally think I need to share this with someone...but the little bot is adorable.!

  2. I'm here checking out what you're doing as you requested. You have a very original idea and a great sense of humor. Keep having fun with it.