Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sneakers From the Sea!

Okay, okay - I know, I know.... I created a post on shoes, recently, but I felt as if these shoes had to go up on the blog!!! I could have posted about them later, but there hasn't been a post on mermaids for a while now, and this was the curiousest mermaid product I could find. *sighs* Oh, and the other shoes were platforms - these are hi tops, alright? Alright!

The "Mermaids! Black Red Hi Top Women's Vegan Sneakers" are available for only $24.99 at!

See, aren't you guys happy I posted about these, lol? I love the colors - they're so stylish. Oh, but in case you're more into softer/lighter colors, don't worry; I've got something for you, as well.... Please, stroll down the page a bit, and take a look yourself! <3

I think I preferred the brighter/darker ones, but really, I like these, as well - very cute. <3 Also available for $24.99 at! P.S. they're both Vegan!!! Isn't that simply wonderful? *sighs*

-Lola :)