Sunday, February 7, 2010

Facts on the Jacks.

For this "101" I skipped over the Lumberjack page on Wikipedia and cherry picked some basics.

Here is an intro into the world of Lumberjacks:

10)Lumberjacks are known today as "loggers." Were starting this thing off nice and slow. lol

9)Lumberjacks could be found wherever there were vast forests to be harvested and a demand for wood, most likely in Scandinavia,Canada, and northern parts of the United States.

8) At first, Lumberjacks were exclusively men.

7)A female logger is called a Lumberjill. Lumberjack and Lumberjill went up the hill to fetch some logs...

6)Lumberjacks worked in lumber camps and often lived a migratory life, following timber harvesting jobs as they opened.

5)The most famous depiction of a lumberjack in folklore is Paul Bunyan. Several towns claim to have been the home of Paul Bunyan and have statues of Bunyan and his ox "Babe" in the town.

4)In popular culture, the stereotypical lumberjack is a strong, burly, usually bearded man who lives to brave the natural environment. He is depicted wearing suspenders, a long-sleeved plaid flannel shirt, and heavy boots. He is often depicted as being very hungry and eating a large stack of flapjacks or pancakes. He works by cutting down trees with either an axe or with the help of another lumberjack, a crosscut saw.

I personally adore suspenders, flannel and pancakes.

3)Many colleges have woodsmen teams or forestry clubs, which compete regionally, nationally, and internationally.

2)There are also lumberjack shows which tour the United States, demonstrating these old time lumber practices to the general public. Loggers' rodeos are also held in some towns which demonstrate these events to the public.

1)The Lumberjack World Championships have been held annually in Hayward, Wisconsin, since 1960. Over twelve thousand visitors come to this small northern Wisconsin town each year in late July to watch men and women compete in 21 different events, including log rolling, chopping, timed hot (power) saw and bucksaw cutting, and pole climbing.

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  1. Very interesting post, I learned some new things. I love #7 :)