Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Light Up My Life....

Okay, so today I have something on - not only 1 curious being.... but 4 curious beings! <3 *sighs* You guys, please - stroll down!!!

1st, pirates! Why? Long story!
Available for $9.95 at!

2nd, mermaids! Why? Well, they remind me a lot of pirates, you know, because both of them have that sea/ocean theme going on. <3 I really do like this switch plate - but mostly just because of it's soft focus, dusty colors.

Also available for 9.95 at!

3rd, dragons! Why? Honestly, idk.... But why not, lol? <3 I simply just like this one; I find it very curious, indeed.

Available for $11.75 at!

4th (last but not least), unicorns! Why? Because unicorns remind me a lot of dragons, lol - both of them fly, after all.... I think? Hmm, can unicorns fly? Anyway, I really like this one, as well; the colors are bright in a soft-ish way - and the whole picture just looks so happy!

Haha, available for $9.95 at!

-Lola :)


  1. what a beutifull unicorn,,,,
    i really enjoyed your blog..
    friend please visit me in..

  2. I appreciate your comment, and of course I will - I'll do that right now. :D