Monday, February 8, 2010

Have Your Own (Jade) Dragon!

Oh, hi, you guys! I'm glad you're here; I have something, actually a couple of things, I'd like to share with all of you. <3 As I was glancing at the tags, I noticed that this blog has only had 1 post on dragons. Ted and I have had this blog for.... over a month now, and we've only got 1 post up on dragons. Dragons are very curious beings, in my opinion, and so, I decided to do something about it - I decide to do something about it quickly, because the fact that dragons only have 1 post up on this blog.... just isn't right.
Behold - dragons!!! "Jade Craved Dragon Pendant in 18K Gold over Sterling Silver"

Isn't this curious?

It looks more like a seahorse than a dragon to me, but dragon is in the title, so yeah, it's a dragon.... which means this is another post up for dragons - w00t! <3

The fact that this looked like a seahorse (to me) actually lead me to the wikipedia page on seahorses, which caused me to discover "dwarf seahorse" - aww, they're so tiny and cute! If some of you are interested, you know, I left that link there for you guys - feel free to check it out, lol.

Oh, and the "
Jade Craved Dragon Pendant in 18K Gold over Sterling Silver" is available for $89.99 at!

-Lola :)


  1. Anything Dragon like is sexy, mysterious and I have total respect for...

  2. Cute! also check out leafy sea dragons, another curious sea-horse variation! :D

  3. Ooh, I just visited your blog and saw that "seahorse" you were referring to - nice! :D lol