Friday, February 12, 2010

Rapscallion, Radical, Reef, Rope's end, Row....

The Pirate Encyclopedia T-shirt is a visual depiction of a letter that people have long know pirates to be fond of.

Actually, I didn't know it. I though it was just a sound they made and in that sounds standard spelling, it begins with a "A." Like, "Arrrr!!" - right? I even checked out multiple online pirate dictionaries (here, here and here) and the like and my findings are in fact yielding the sassy and sophisticated letter "S" as the favorite of pirates, by far.

But, whatever, it's on this shirt so it's obviously factual.


  1. You're blog is impressive.You write well and the products are cute and clever.
    Your product descriptions are also fun to read.
    'You go girl!!' Keep it up.:)