Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweet Little Teddies!

Greetings, curious explorers! <3 It's been 2 weeks since I've posted anything on this blog - apologies to anyone who cares, lol. *sighs* I know, it's just a blog - and it seems like blogging would be one of the easiest jobs on earth. It's not even just the blogging part tho'.... it's the trying to promote it part, as well. It can get pretty exhausting, but I refuse to quit - at least not this early. I'm going to stop whinny about how complicated it can be, and I'm going to start focusing on how I cannot give up.

Okay, so here are some curious products I wrangled up on teddy bears - enjoy (hopefully). <3

"Teddy Bear Muffin Pan by Cookez" allows you to bake muffins that are teddy bears (and teddy bears that are muffins....). *winks* Available for only $9.99 at Amazon.com!

Can't bake without an apron! <3 Okay, so maybe you can, lol - but c'mon, you guys know what I mean....

Ooh, and you've gotta have a matching mug to go with your adorable apron - you've just gotta!

-Lola :)

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